Niemiller Art

Pet Portraits

Hello & welcome! I am so excited that you are here! Pet portraits are a perfect family keepsake. I've completed over 100 pet portraits, and I have fallen in love with each of the pets I've drawn; each one with their own personality and character. I can't wait to create your piece and bring your cherished pet to life on paper.


Size: 11" x 14"

*Other sizes available upon request.

Here's What People Have to Say

Graeme C. | Winnipeg, MB

“I cannot thank Morgan enough, she’s a 19-year-old artist who drew this with pencil crayon! Unreal… she’s so professional and wise beyond her young years. Check out her work, it’s absolutely unbelievable. This has been an absolutely wonderful experience.”

Chris B. | Fargo, ND

“She is an amazing artist. She captures the personality so well. The pictures are so lifelike. Almost expect them to jump out of the page.”

Elaine S. | Black Hawk, SD

“We received the portrait of our dog Nike today and couldn’t be happier!! I wasn’t able to keep it from my hubby because it was so awesome. Thank you so very much!”

Melissa M. | Fargo, ND

“I knew Morgan was going to do something amazing when I asked her to do Sammie’s portrait. Nothing could prepare me for how overwhelmed with emotion I was when I pulled this beautiful drawing out of the envelope. Our girl will rest in the kitchen for now, one of her favorite spots aside from under any blanket.”